A little bit about me...

Bay Area born and raised, I have always been surrounded by inspiring landscapes and an environment that has fueled my creativity. Photography is my passion and it has enabled me to visit far off places around the globe and capture moments that will forever be imprinted in my mind. 

Food is my other passion. I am always thinking about my next meal, how I will put my own spin on it, and most importantly, how I will style it and make it into a mouth-watering photo. The intersection of food and photography really came together for me after completing the Bauman College Natural Chef culinary program in Berkeley. I love telling stories through my photos and inspiring people to get in the kitchen and cook, and most importantly eat.

Not only do I love capturing food, but I also take great pleasure in photographing people and places. Being behind my camera excites me and brings me great joy, and I cant wait to see what we can create together!